Severe Adverse Reactions Happening To Real People

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Vaccine Passports Create Second Class Citizens

As I had mentioned in a post a few months ago, these vaccine passports being rolled out in several Canadian provinces have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with forcing people to get vaccinated. For those who still operate at a level of common sense and who will continue not to get these permanent life altering injections, well they now become second class citizens. I guess that whole human rights thing just got thrown out the window.

A Pandemic Of The Vaccinated

Day after day I hear of people experiencing severe adverse reactions to these vaccines. It is not newsworthy though for the big main stream media channels because it would wipe out the government narrative. So they will continue to deliver their lies about the vaccines being perfectly safe and effective despite the growing evidence that this poison is causing permanent physical damage and death. This so called pandemic that we have all been living in for 18 months now, is becoming a pandemic of the vaccinated.

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