Adverse Reactions Happening To Real People – Wake Up!

Are The Vaccines Safe?


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Vaccine Hesitant? Ya You Should Be

Over the course of the past seven months since the vaccines have been rolled, I have come across and have done a number of videos on the number of vaccine related injuries that are starting to pile up around the world and these are just the ones we a hearing about. I don’t know what part of the word “injury or death” that is not registering in people’s minds.

Oops.. We Used The Wrong Vaccine

Just when you thought the COVID19 vaccine fiasco couldn’t get any crazier, well it did. A dozen young people between the ages of twelve to seventeen were given the non-approved Moderna vaccine as opposed to the Pfizer-BionTech vaccine in Vancouver on May 28/29.

Vaccine Catastrophe

A vaccine catastrophe is where we are at right now, May 2021. It is a disastrous time right now. Millions lining up to get the vaccine and millions more who have already gotten their first and second doses despite the fact that thousands are being injured by these vaccines.

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