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The Power Rests With The People

If there is one thing for certain with this entire hoax that has been played by the globalists upon the entire world it is this: The power has always rested with the people to either accept it or say no to all of it. That little word NO is much more powerful than people think and if enough people in the community started saying NO to the vaccines, masks and vaccine passports, the entire scam would be over.

The Bottom Of The Hierarchy

If any of you have taken any introduction courses in Psychology or have read up on some of its basic concepts and theories, you would have likely come across Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The goal of Maslow’s theory is for the individual to reach their highest potential as a human being. However, given this current environment we all find ourselves in, for over a year now, it would be safe to say that we are quickly making our way back down the hierarchy to barely satisfying our basic needs.

A New Direction

Sometimes it’s good to pause and take a step back so you can reflect and re-evaluate the situation. For the past month this is what I have been doing and why I have not been very active on The General Report bringing the latest happenings in CV19 land. I have come to the conclusion that regurgitating the CV19 narrative over and over again is just getting old. It’s time to head in a new direction.

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