Adverse Reactions Happening To Real People – Wake Up!

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Vaccination Does Not Drive Herd Immunity

It’s rather funny, well not really “funny” funny but I wrote about this a month ago to the day that the unvaccinated or as we are to referred to now as “anti-vaxxers”, will eventually become second class citizens. Yes us “anti-vaxxers” will be the biblical scapegoats for governments not reaching their vaccination targets and we will be blamed for the population not reaching herd immunity. Herd immunity is only achieved when the computer model says it has been achieved right? Right.

Keep Trusting The Facts: This Was Always A Hoax

Every once in a while I ask myself if the pandemic is really a hoax or not. Surely I say, this many people can’t be wrong. All this time, this whole thing couldn’t have been the biggest scam ever perpetrated on a civilization in the entire history of mankind. I must be wrong. Maybe I’ve really gone over the edge this time. Then I remember, this is not the first time in history that something like this has happened.

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