Vaccine Catastrophe

A vaccine catastrophe is where we are at right now, May 2021. It is a disastrous time right now. Millions lining up to get the vaccine and millions more who have already gotten their first and second doses despite the fact that thousands are being injured by these vaccines.

The latest I heard just this past week and which I did a video on, is they are going to start mixing the vaccines so all the brainwashed mask wearing zombies can all get the full two dose vaccination by September. The goal right now is having the fist dose administered by July.

But what about the blood clots? Well several provinces including Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan have halted it. Probably only done because of the outrage and someone of higher importance in the human hierarchy died from a blood clot.

What about all of the other tragic injuries including anaphylaxis (you stop breathing), bells palsy, being paralyzed, Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet, Miscarriages, Heart Attacks and Severe Allergic Reactions and of course DEATH!

Hey, no problem, nothing to see here, just keep the vaccine lineup moving and get your poison injection.

So I would say that this mass vaccine rollout across Canada and the globe, isn’t going as smoothly as we are being led to believe from our callous media celebrities, chief health officers and politicians.

So don’t roll up your sleeve for the cause. Just hold on and wait and see what happens in the Fall when the regular flu season comes back. If people really believe that we have a non-pandemic problem right now, I think we haven’t seen anything yet because we have no idea how these mRNA and adenovirus vaccines are going to react once they are exposed to the wild flu virus.

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