Vaccine Hesitant? Ya You Should Be

Over the course of the past seven months since the vaccines have been rolled out, vaccine related injuries that are starting to pile up around the world and these are just the ones we are hearing about. I don’t know what part of the word “injury or death” that is not registering in people’s minds.

I drove by the community center yesterday which has been shut down since the outbreak began and I noticed a lot of cars in the parking lot and people buzzing around the main doors. Then I remembered, oh ya this is the vaccine centre for the small town I live in.

I wonder how many people have seen videos like the ones below which I created a playlist from on my channel. My guess would be not too many because these news stories are not exactly being covered on all the national news channels and seem to be coming from the local news stations only. They really do not want you seeing videos like this and when they do come to the public’s attention, they are downplayed like they are no big deal. Just collateral damage right?

I don’t know anymore where you draw the line because at some point you would think that all of these experimental vaccines would be pulled because ALL of them are causing major injuries or death. It doesn’t seem to matter which one, be it the Pfizer/BionTech, Moderna, Astrazeneca or the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Anyone of them could have serious side effects.

So why do people keep lining up in droves to take these shots? Surely people can’t be that brainwashed to believe that they are safe or even effective against what amounts to have been the common cold for the past 15 months. Actually I should take that back because sadly most of the people have been brainwashed. The only things being washed during this whole scamdemic have been hands and brains.

All of the vaccine manufacturers have absolutely no idea how long their vaccines will be good for because THEIR IS NOT ENOUGH DATA! The New England Journal of Medicine has said as much. On the following FAQ page from their web site, they have the following to say concerning how long the vaccines will work.

Covid-19 Vaccine —
Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the vaccines work? Are booster doses required?

Since the mRNA vaccines have been tested only since the summer of 2020, we do not have information about the durability of protection. Data from the phase 1 trial of the Moderna vaccine suggested that neutralizing antibodies persisted for nearly 4 months. opens in new tab, with titers declining slightly over time. Given the absence of information on how long the vaccines will be protective, there is currently no specific recommendation for booster doses. However, both companies are developing vaccines that could be administered as boosters, and that also have coverage for emerging variants of SARS-CoV-2 less susceptible to vaccine inhibition.

As with the mRNA vaccines, the durability of protection from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is unknown. For the Ad26.COV2.S vaccine in particular, this is a highly relevant question since the strategy in the clinical trial was only one dose, and this is how it is given under the initial emergency use authorization. Indeed, a modeling study. opens in new tab using predicted neutralizing antibody titers after vaccination suggests that booster doses would be necessary earlier for the J&J vaccine than the mRNA vaccines. An ongoing clinical trial called COV3009 is currently testing the J&J vaccine with a booster shot given 8 weeks after the first, with results expected later this year. (Last reviewed/updated 1 Jun 2021)

So again I ask the question, why are we being lied to and being manipulated into taking a vaccine that has no data on how long the effects will be. They should not even be categorized as vaccines because they are nothing more than a live experiment of a new technology on the mass population.

So what are the chances of a person be injured or dying by taking the vaccine? No one knows.

Just because most people are not being harmed by the vaccine right now doesn’t mean that the potential is not there. The big question being asked by a lot of professional doctors on the other side of the debate right now is what will happen in the next few months when the flu makes its way around again and the vaccines are exposed to the live flu virus. Unfortunately, this will be the ultimate phase of the vaccine trials and we shall see just how well the live experiment has gone for those who have willingly been vaccinated.

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