The Delta Variant Scare Tactic

The new COVID19 variant that the WHO has dubbed the Delta variant, also known as the B.1.617.2 strain, is currently ravaging the UK with 91% of all news cases being attributed to it. Originally from India where it has caused a wave of infections, it is now starting to cause major problems in other countries including the US and Canada.

According to a recent CNN report dated June 10:

A coronavirus variant first detected in India in February has now gone global, popping up in dozens of countries and raising fears that the strain may spearhead a wave of infection that could overwhelm health care systems, reverse reopening plans and even potentially undermine the rollout of vaccines.

Oh if that isn’t a fear mongering opening statement I don’t know what is. The article continues with Health Secretary Matt Hancock of the UK saying:

Hancock said last weekend the strain is “around 40% more transmissible” than the formerly dominant Alpha variant, which was already more transmissible compared to the original strain of the virus.

Now here we get to the real meat of the story. In the UK, the US and Canada, all three countries are echoing the same message about this new variant. This is a ploy only to get the second dose of the vaccine into as many arms as possible. It doesn’t matter if you mix the mRNA Pfizer or Moderna vaccines with the Astrazeneca or J&J viral vector vaccines. Just get er done!

We can see from these recent statements how the they are lining up their ducks in the same row, with the same message, as if reading from the same script:
In the UK:

Hancock also said the research so far suggests that “after two doses of vaccine, we are confident that you get the same protection as you did with the old variant.”

In the US (Fauci on his concerns that the variant could make people more sick ) :

So if you are vaccinated, you’re going to be protected, which is another very good reason to encourage people strongly to get vaccinated, because if you are not vaccinated, you are at risk of getting infected with the virus that now spreads more rapidly and gives more serious disease.

In Canada:

“The Delta variant is now in all provinces and at least one of our territories,” Tam said at the House of Commons health committee.

“Of course, as with all coronavirus cases, we may not know every single case that has occurred in Canada, hence my warning of precaution and the need to get two doses of vaccine into as many people as possible.”

So the first question to ask is, how exactly did this new variant make its way from India to Joly Ol’ England. I thought no one could leave or come to that large island that is called Britain? So either the variant made it’s way across the oceans to land on their shores or there is no variant. Same for the US and Canada.

Second question. How could there even be a ravaging variant in the month of May in the northern hemisphere when the normal flu season has completed it’s course for the first half of the year. Oh ya that’s right, it’s because the flu was basically eradicated this year and replaced with this new and improved more deadly thing called COVID19. Over one hundred years of the flu and just suddenly erased from the charts.

Third question. How do they know that these vaccines even work against the supposed new variant. Well Pfizer/BionTech and the University of Texas Medical Branch did a study and think “it just might work!”:

A team of researchers at BioNTech and the University of Texas Medical Branch reported Thursday they had found evidence the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine would protect against infection with the Delta variant and others.
They tested the blood of 20 fully vaccinated volunteers against lab-engineered versions of several virus variants and found evidence the immune system should neutralize them.
Researchers based in the UK reported last week that most people who receive two doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine still would have protection against the new variant, although they said the antibodies appear to be significantly reduced.

As you can see, I have high lighted the key points. They engineer versions of several variants? The immune system should neutralize them but the antibodies are significantly reduced?

In other words they don’t know and they are just playing in the lab and coming up with answers the politicians want to hear. No long term testing or studies. We don’t have time for that. Just get the people vaccinated as quickly as possible before the wheels fall off the bus!

As I have said all along, they are making this up as they go. This new variant is simply another scare tactic to get people to get their first and second injection because public perception and understanding of these deadly vaccines is starting to come out. See

I have heard about people in many countries skipping their second dose because of their fear of the vast number of injuries that are being reported. The pattern seems to be that the most damage is done after the second dose. Oh and then once the population injection targets have been reached this Summer here in Canada (70% first dose and 25% second dose), then the boosters will be required in the Fall.

I don’t know but there are twenty four letters in the Greek alphabet and we are only at Delta. That leaves a lot of more letters to get through. By the time we get to Omega, the people are really going to be jacked up on poison, that is, at least those of us who are still alive.



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