Canada Day: A Country Of Historic Failures

It’s really disgusting to see groups of protestors marching up to parliament hill in a “Cancel Canada Day” rally or is it more like “Cancel Canadian Culture Day”. Also, did the protestors forget that we are still living under this hoax and have gathering restrictions of not more that 25 people. Were there any masks or social distancing practices going on in that crowd? Hey, the Canadian orwellian government and it’s controlled media didn’t seem to notice or raise a fuss about it. Nothing to see here. Oh that’s right, the rules only apply to the rest of us horrible Canadians.

You know, even discussing this is outright racism if you have a different opinion on the recent discovery of unmarked graves at four residential schools located in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Like the scamdemic news being drilled into our brain day after day for over a year now, we now have the media spinning this story. This whole story is simply a distraction on what is really happening in this country with the vaccine injuries and deaths that are mounting both here and around the world. We will never know the true numbers of injuries and deaths from these injections but we are sure to know the exact number of children discovered at these former residential school sites. They all just happened to be discovered within the past few weeks. I guess ground-penetrating radar was just recently invented.

What are we really talking about here because this whole story really needs to be put into context. Here are the schools involved (so far) and when they were opened:

  • Kamloops Residential School (BC)1890
  • Marieval Residential School (SK) 1899
  • Brandon Residential School (MB) 1895
  • Kootenay Indian Residential School (BC) 1890

We are talking about roughly 100 years of history for these schools. Now let’s ask a few more questions:

  • When did all these deaths happen?
  • How did they die?

These are two important questions that need to be answered. Are we to assume that they were all murdered or did they die from illnesses? Maybe an outbreak of smallpox, measles, tuberculosis, influenza or some other infectious disease was responsible. The early 1900’s did see a lot of these deadly illnesses because there were no vaccines to prevent or treat them. Until we know what they actually died from and when, the media spin and hype is not warranted but that is not how they roll. The headlines have to be flooded and dominated with a new distraction.

Am I in bigot territory now after having pointed out a few common legitimate questions that need to be answered first, before we jump to conclusions. If I am being a bigot, let me just clarify with a few other points I would like to make.

There is absolutely no doubt that these children were abused. That is a 100% fact. They were likely harshly treated for misbehaving in every way that one could think of. They were likely sexually abused and raped. You see, we all know this and we all are disgusted by such despicable treatment of these young and innocent children. I don’t have to do a lot of research to know this. I am on the side of the indigenous people of this country and any other race of children that have been systematically abused. I agree that justice needs to be handed down in all cases.

However, you can’t go on to destroy every aspect of our history that you feel triggered by because now it turns into a cancel culture mentality. This is what Trudeau had to say to mark Canada Day and made sure to add to his own cancel culture sentiment:

In a statement, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged that for some July 1, is “not yet a day of celebration.”

“The horrific findings of the remains of hundreds of children at the sites of former residential schools in British Columbia and Saskatchewan have rightly pressed us to reflect on our country’s historic failures, and the injustices that still exist for Indigenous peoples and may others in Canada,” said Trudeau. ‘Shame on Canada’: Thousands attend Cancel Canada Day rally on Parliament Hill

Flying the flag at half mast on parliament hill on Canada Day, a day which represents all Canadians and celebrates our country and its many accomplishments, is the real “Shame on Canada”.

Are we all to pay for the sins of what happened at these residential schools so many years ago. Are we all to feel shame about our culture and only focus on our failures as a country over the past 154 years. Many of our historical figures continue to be cancelled, vandalized and destroyed by those who wish to stomp on Canada, our history and desecrate our flag.

I am not apologizing for anything. I am not feeling shame for anything. I am not cancelling this countries history. Once you start down this slippery slope there is no turning back and we have been slipping for many, many years now.

Canada has become a country I don’t recognize anymore. We stand for nothing and fall for everything.

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