Keep Trusting The Facts: This Was Always A Hoax

Every once in a while I ask myself if the pandemic is really a hoax or not. Surely I say, this many people can’t be wrong. All this time, this whole thing couldn’t have been the biggest scam ever perpetrated on a civilization in the entire history of mankind. I must be wrong. Maybe I’ve really gone over the edge this time. Then I remember, this is not the first time in history that something like this has happened.

Yes the other greatest hoaxes in history that have worked on the mass population have been 911 with the Twin Towers magically collapsing upon themselves, The Moon Landings which millions saw on “TV” and the JFK assassination with the lone shooter and his one magic bullet.

In each of these cases, you can ask almost anyone today about one of these three events and they will recite the story back to you just as they had heard it on “TV”. Based on this fact then, this pandemic is not real and yes it is a hoax and a majority of the people are wrong about it being real and are making a big mistake by taking these injections.

While they have tried at least three times to pull a pandemic in the last 45 years, they have never been been successful until now. These would be the 2008 Swine Flu, 2003 SARS and 1976 Swine Flu.

My fist reaction to this pandemic in March 2020 was that is was another 911 but on steroids. I did fall into the trap of thinking that maybe it was real for a few weeks but then I snapped myself back to reality. As an example, witnessing an event like 911 the day it actually occurred and then realizing a few years later that it was an inside job, leaves you questioning everything around you. Especially this one.

One of the other greatest tragedies of this entire scamdemic has been the lack of true understanding of the actual situation among most of the worlds population, especially the Western World. We are living in one of the greatest periods of history where information is literally just a click away. You would think that anything at this level of intrusion and complete disruption of our lives and our society, would make someone want to at least look at the other side of the coin to see if there was something else going on behind the scenes but sadly a majority of people haven’t.

Most of the effort that was likely expended was watching some crazy conspiracy video on their smart phone and that was the end of it. So much for smart.
Sadly, there is still a vast majority of people who can not grasp the idea that a government would carry out something as pure and as evil as this pandemic. They just can’t grasp the idea that something at this utter level of corruption could even be possible. However, it’s the fear of what that actually might mean and what impact that would have on their reality, that keeps them from seeking the truth. This is exactly what has been keeping this pandemic lie alive for over a year now.

What this entire hoax boils down to then is fear. Fear of death was the mechanism used to bring this whole fairy tale of a deadly pandemic to life. Fear is one of the most basic human instincts. You will do anything to survive. Anything…

All of us are living in some form of fear right now but for different reasons. The mass of people who have bought into the fear of a raging deadly pandemic, will do anything for it to end. The rest of us who know that it is a giant hoax, are doing everything we can to dispel the myth and wake the people up but it is too late.

At this point, most people are choosing to be led to the slaughter house by taking the injections. Their excuse is they have no choice if they want everything to go back to normal. They have forgotten one key thing in their reasoning and that is that they were told in no uncertain terms that it never will. They have been brain washed and are drunk on the Kool-aid.

This is very disheartening to say the least, especially when our own flesh and blood have fallen for the trap. The whole plandemic was built on a house of cards and it only would have required a minimal amount of effort to bring it crashing to the ground.

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