Societal Collapse: A Strange CTV News Article

I came across this CTV news article the other day and to say it was rather odd would be an understatement. The article in question was titled “Northern Canada may be a popular destination at the end of the world”… Huh?

My spidy senses were tingling because this was just too bizarre of a headline not to take somewhat seriously. This following paragraph specifically caught me off guard:

The researchers found that Earth is in a “perilous state” due to rapid population growth and an energy consuming society that has altered the Earth’s system and biosphere. They say that societal collapse could happen in various forms, including economic collapse, worsening climate catastrophe, a pandemic worse than COVID-19, or another mass extinction event, which the researchers say is already underway.

The study that the article is referring to is called “An Analysis of the Potential for the Formation of ‘Nodes of Persisting Complexity’ “. The two authors of the article are academics with the Global Sustainability Institute at Anglia Ruskin University in the U.K. The sustainability mission statement of the department is:

At ARU we’ve pledged to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of our University’s conduct and administration

Ok back to the article..

The article has WEF’s Great Reset fingerprints all over it when you start reading between the lines. In fact, with a quick glance of the paper’s sources we find that the authors reference the book entitled “The Limits to Growth” put out by The Club of Rome in 1972. At this point we should now see where this is all headed.

(The Club of Rome is a member of The Round Table which is a British-based secret society and they just so happened to sponsor Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.)

So in the article we have several different mass extinction events that could be possible in the coming future (maybe near) because of over population, climate, pandemics worse than CV19 or something else which is “already underway”. Now what could possibly be underway at this time? Hmmm, maybe the depopulation vaccines that are currently being rolled out across all of the nations that signed on to the 1992 RIO DECLARATION ON ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT (AGENDA 21).

Despite all of this, I think the main point here is that they are actually publishing this in the middle of a pandemic that is irrefutably one of the biggest scams in history. Is this a hint of things to come?

All of the mass extinction events they cite are already well known in conspiracy circles and there is really nothing new here. Again, they are all hoaxes perpetrated by the same elitists who want to rule and control every aspect of our lives which they have been doing for over a year now.
What is not a hoax though, is that they literally want us all gone and they have basically been telling us in black and white for quite some time now for those who have eyes to see and ears to listen.

The main point of the article is:

The goal of the study, published in the journal Sustainability on July 21, was to create a shortlist of nations that could host survivors in the event of a societal collapse… to determine where it would be best to survive the end of the world.

The end of the world… really? For who? Well if it’s not the elite, then it can only be the rest of us 90%. You see, the goal of the elite is to eventually have this whole place to themselves. Yes the entire world with just enough people left to act as their serfs. This has nothing to do with money because they already have it all but rather it has to do with the fact that they see themselves as a species far superior to us maggots.

So where might these superior beings want to live? Here’s the short list:

Islands with low population density, particularly those with distinct seasonal changes, fared the best with New Zealand topping the list. Iceland, U.K., Australia (specifically Tasmania) and Ireland made up the rest of the shortlist where it would be best for society to restart after a collapse.

The major problem with this analysis is it does not pretend to assume that we are going along for the ride to restart a new civilization after a collapse. Uh no, not us maggots. The other funny thing is they say “A Collapse” but rather it will be more like “The Collapse”. Yes friends, the collapse is coming eventually and according to the Georgia guide stones, only 500 million of us are going to make it to slave world. The rest of us will not be here to see it.

As far as I am concerned, note to authors, the best mass extinction event we could ever hope for would be a meteor the size of New York city hurdling through space on a collision course with Earth that puts us and our super elite species face to face with their final end.

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