The Die Is Cast: There Is No Turning Back

After a while it starts to become a vain attempt to continue to report on the whole CV19 narrative and the poisonous “vaccine” rollout. Not for the mere fact that a good 80% to 90% of the population continue to believe the narrative and have dutifully taken the injection but anything contrary to the narrative that many have been warning about, has completely fallen on deaf ears.

People are tried and completely done with this whole pandemic, the great hoax, which has ruined countless lives around the globe and they just want everything to go back to normal. They have been told lie after lie by their government leaders and continue to believe the lies up to this very moment. Just to make it perfectly clear, there will be no going back to normal. The life you once knew is gone.

At some point one has to conclude that we deserve it. We no longer have any self worth as a people, as a country or a nation. We have been directed by psychopaths to do exactly as they say while a tyrannical society is being built up all around us, one from which there may be no escape. Communism has always been by the back door and has finally kicked the back door in.

We have taken our freedoms for granted, have given up our constitutional rights and we no longer live in a democratic society. We have succumbed to all of this without questioning the narrative or taking any sort of action. We have condemned all future generations to this great tyranny. Our children, grandchildren and their children may never again understand the true meaning of freedom.

Let’s also make this perfectly clear, this was and continues to be a conspiracy of the greatest magnitude that humanity has ever witnessed. It is only a crazy “conspiracy theory” to those who have put their absolute faith in and sworn their allegiance to the main stream media. Anyone trying to tell the truth is rebuked as soon as they even utter a single word. Society has been taught to place them on automatic ignore.

I really do not believe that people really comprehend the gravity of the situation. They are either too geeked out in social media land to want to try or they have gotten themselves so worked up with the covid lie that they don’t have the capacity to believe that anything more sinister is at play. Here’s a wake up call, there is a new reality upon us now. George Orwell couldn’t have put it more eloquently:

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” George Orwell,1984

There is no turning back now. We do not recover from this because the psychopaths will not surrender the power and control that they have so easily granted themselves. We had our chance and we didn’t take it.

As Julius Caesar said when he crossed the Rubicon on January 10th 49 BC, Alea iacta est “The die has been cast”.

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