A Pandemic Of The Vaccinated

Day after day I hear of people experiencing severe adverse reactions to these vaccines. It is not newsworthy though for the big main stream media channels because it would wipe out the government narrative. So they will continue to deliver their lies about the vaccines being perfectly safe and effective despite the growing evidence that this poison is causing permanent physical damage and death. This so called pandemic that we have all been living in for 18 months now, is becoming a pandemic of the vaccinated.

I say this is fast becoming a pandemic of the vaccinated due to the ever growing number of severe adverse reactions being reported in the US and EU. It is hard to get any information from the Canadian database because at last check, the latest records were only up to May 2021 and the expanded vaccine rollout only began at the end of May. So I need to go with the US and EU reports.

The EU and the US are reporting a whole slew of reactions happening with all of the vaccines despite what we have been told, such as only Astrazeneca causes blood clots. They are allĀ  causing permanent damage and death. The US is reporting the following severe adverse reactions in their database:

  • Miscarriages
  • Heart Attacks
  • Myocarditis/Pericarditis
  • Permanently Disabled
  • Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet
  • Shingles
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Bell’s Palsy

In addition to these severe adverse reactions, the other thing I recently found out and is confirmed in the VAERS database, is that not only are people dying within a few weeks after the first or second injection but they are coming into the ICU testing positive for COVID19 more than six months after receiving their last injection. The CDC is calling these “break through cases” and as always, the media is running with that narrative and never associating anything with the vaccines. In fact, it is the unvaccinated that are now being blamed as the new super spreaders.

So why are governments around the world, especially the US, Canada, UK, EU and Australia so hell bent on getting everyone fully vaccinated? I mean it’s so bad that they offer million dollar lotteries, cash incentives and other goodies for people to get vaccinated.

Why didn’t they stop the rollouts as soon as the first reports of death from blood clots and Thrombocytopenia come in? It really can’t be more obvious that the governments are not owning up to the fact that there is a direct co-relation with the vaccines and they are covering it up. Nothing to see here folks.

So this leads then to only one logical conclusion. They want us all dead. Yes you read that correct. They want us either permanently injured or dead.

Like you, I have many people near and dear to my heart that have been injected. Trust me, it sickens me to even have to come to this conclusion. A few people tell me to trust in God, that he wouldn’t lead us to harm but the fact of the matter is, the sun rises and sets on both the good and the evil.

I know I keep saying wait until the Fall/Winter flu season like some prophet of doom. Oh I know I’ll be proven wrong of course because people won’t all just die at once but they didn’t just all die at once during this entire hoax either. And of course the government will blame all of it on the latest variant and will repeatedly tell us, see we told you the virus was deadly.

But here’s the facts.

This will be a pandemic of the vaccinated because by taking these injections, people are now permanently damaged with their body producing spike proteins in all of their cells. Remember the nice story that we were told that these new vaccines act like little factories teaching the cells how to produce the antibodies against the coronavirus. Well as scientist have discovered, the vaccines which were supposed to stay in the shoulder muscle and only use those cells to generate the spike protein antibodies, got into the blood stream and into the cells of the vessel walls. As soon as the body encounters the wild virus, the body will attack the spike proteins that are now protruding out of the cells into the blood stream thus causing a cytokine storm.

Will this happen to every single vaccinated person? Probably not everyone but no one really knows because this type of vaccine has never been used on the human population. This is a live experiment and the results are only just starting to come in and from the looks of it, they aren’t good.

So all I can say is prepare yourself. All those zombie apocalypse movies you have seen where everyone gets infected, well picture that but take out the zombies. For those that have resisted so far not to get vaxx’ed, it is going to be a very scary scenario and we will all be unwilling witnesses to a real pandemic that was created in a pharmaceutical lab.

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