A New Direction

Sometimes it’s good to pause and take a step back so you can reflect and re-evaluate the situation. For the past month this is what I have been doing and why I have not been very active on The General Report bringing the latest happenings in CV19 land. I have come to the conclusion that regurgitating the CV19 narrative over and over again is just getting old. It’s time to head in a new direction.

Like so many others, I have been glued to the CV19 narrative for the past 18 months now, checking the mainstream and alternative news platforms everyday like some junkie needing their daily fix. Researching and back checking both the official and alternative news stories because like it or not, these evil doers who have been running this scam control both sides of the narrative which is the mind game they play on us.

I have reached the end of that road now because I naively thought that by publishing story after story and making video after video about the dire situation we are in would help wake people up. As we can see, it’s all fallen on deaf ears. The masses have reacted out of fear from day one to the scam and have fallen prey to the vaccine trap. Oh and I’m not pointing fingers, a great majority of my family has fallen for it too.

I see no point in writing about it anymore. It’s a done deal, fait accompli. Those of us who are still refusing the injections will be picking up the pieces when this great hoax finally comes crashing to the ground.

Of course, I will still keep an eye on the narrative like any good general keeps his eye on the enemy and continues to anticipate and counter react to his every move and you should too. This analogy might sound a little over the top but for those of us who are still fighting this injection, we all have to understand that we are at war. The sooner we realize this the better. This is not a traditional war with boots on the ground but a biological war that has been unleashed on all of humanity.

My focus from this point forward with The General Report will be to share ideas and strategies for how we move forward through more of the pain that is to come. We are heading into a major paradigm shift as a society and we will have to rebuild our lives from the ashes of this dystopian nightmare. This will be the darkest winter.






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