Canada Turning The Screws Tighter On The Unvaxxed

Well Turdeau is living up to his election promise just as the little tyrant said he would. He has put in motion a new set of restrictive mandates which are as follows: no vaccines, no plane, no train, no cruise ship and no job, at least if you want to continue to work for the feds.

For all of the morons in this country who voted for the drama teacher to be their PM again, I hope they weren’t planning on not getting vaxx’ed. Oh ya that’s right, all of these socialist loving liberal useful idiots actually like getting injected with poison and think Turdeau is their covid19 savior. He’s the right man for the job just like I guess Mr. Clean is for dirt and grime except I don’t believe that Turdeau has ever actually gotten has hands dirty which is always the case with these privileged scum bags born with a silver spoon in their mouth, living off of daddies riches and riding his coat tails.

Now if your a member of parliament who has recently been elected or re-elected, none this applies to you so you don’t have to worry about being a second class citizen and we’ll keep paying your lofty salary and pension fund. For those of us who are refusing to take the poison, well our world is getting smaller by the day and it’s only a matter of time before we can’t leave our provinces and likely our cities at some point in the near future. Just for memories sake, all of Atlantic Canada was shut off to the rest of the country last winter in their Atlantic bubble and the borders of Manitoba were shut off as well to bordering neighbors Ontario and Saskatchewan (say that word ten times fast).

If you’re one of the nearly 300k federal employees, you better have a good medical exception or really have some serious religious beliefs as to why you can’t take the poison. I don’t think being a Catholic who doesn’t believe in using aborted fetal tissue to test the vaccines is going to fly, since the pope has already stated that the vaccines are “morally acceptable”, thereby squashing that excuse for the over 1 billion Catholics on this planet. In either case, you have until the end of the month to submit your vaccination status or it’s leave without pay for you and it doesn’t matter if you’re still working from home or back in the office. Oh and don’t expect your socialist union, who takes a bite out of your paycheck every two weeks for union dues, to help you out either because they are kits and kaboodles in with the government on this one.

Now as far as trains, planes and cruise ships go, well you’re not taking any of those rides either if your not double vaxx’ed. So let’s put this into context a little bit.

If a loved one dies who lives in another province and you’re not double vaxx’ed, well you’re going to have to drive your way down to the funeral. That could be a long trip if you’re driving from say Calgary to Montreal. Hopefully you’ll be able to book a couple overnighter’s at the Holiday Inn without having to show a vaccine passport or it’s going to have to be the Motel Ritz.

The only other option I guess would be taking a bus down but the only problem there is you’re riding a cramped up bus for hours and waiting for bus transfers as you make your way across the worlds greatest unprotected border. You’re also probably going to be masked for the entire leg of the trip as well.

Here’s the big kicker in all of this. Apart from it being immoral to force all government employees to be vaxx’ed, limiting people’s freedom of movement is a complete violation of the charter of rights and freedoms and international law. These measures being taken by Turdeau, who couldn’t get a law degree even if it fell into his lap, are straight up tyranny. While Canada is not an all out dictatorship yet, like say our commonwealth cousin Australia, we are definitely on the edge of that slippery slope.

Now I was going to get all worked up with this being an infringement on the charter of human rights and freedoms but after doing a quick check, I realized that the government is able to get away with all of this through various Acts such as the Railway Safety Act or the Aeronautics Act. Each of these Acts can be enforced by the government at free will. In the case of these two industries, heavy fines would be issued for each breach of non-compliance with the vaccine rules.

All of this really comes as no surprise. These are new times and this is how our governments roll now. They no longer fully represent their citizens but instead shun, segregate and marginalize those members of society that do not go along with the scamdemic status quo. As my father used to say, you get the government you deserve and I can tell you we’ve got it.

Those of us who are holding firm to their stance against the great hoax, we will have our last laugh. These reckless leaders really better hope they understand the saying, what comes around goes around because karma is about to hit them square in the face like a 150 kilometer slap shot from the blue line.

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