The COVID19 Vaccine – A New Technology

I spent over an hour the other day researching the new COVID19 vaccine and what I discovered was very unsettling to say the least. This vaccine technology has never been used on the human population and is not the same as how current vaccines work such as the flu shot. Continue reading “The COVID19 Vaccine – A New Technology”

Canada’s 2021 CV19 Plan

An email message from either a Liberal Party of Canada MP (elected member of parliament) or someone who works for the PMO (Prime Ministers Office) supposedly leaked some very concerning information regarding plans for the people of Canada during the ongoing COVID19 scamdemic. The information concerning the details of the plan apparently came from a PMO steered committee meeting of which this person was a party to. Continue reading “Canada’s 2021 CV19 Plan”


Have I become disillusioned…

Has my faith in humanity been crushed…

Ever since this Scamdemic started, I have been reading, watching and listening to many opinions on it. I think that there are quite a few people who know what is actually going on but that group of people is spread very thin and has been infiltrated by a lot of trolls. Continue reading “Disillusioned”