Canada Turning The Screws Tighter On The Unvaxxed

Well Turdeau is living up to his election promise just as the little tyrant said he would. He has put in motion a new set of restrictive mandates which are as follows: no vaccines, no plane, no train, no cruise ship and no job, at least if you want to continue to work for the feds. Continue reading “Canada Turning The Screws Tighter On The Unvaxxed”

Vaccine Passports Create Second Class Citizens

As I had mentioned in a post a few months ago, these vaccine passports being rolled out in several Canadian provinces have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with forcing people to get vaccinated. For those who still operate at a level of common sense and who will continue not to get these permanent life altering injections, well they now become second class citizens. I guess that whole human rights thing just got thrown out the window. Continue reading “Vaccine Passports Create Second Class Citizens”

The Wheels Are Coming Off Of The Bus

I put together some slides for some research I have been doing concerning the decline in the vaccines being administered, to the new delta variant hype that has been relentless this summer by governments and media outlets around the world. There seems to be a direct co-relation between the two when taking a closer look at the data. For this research, I specifically looked at the statistics for the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia which were all pulled from the web site Our World In Data. Continue reading “The Wheels Are Coming Off Of The Bus”

Calling Election Now Is Completely Irresponsible

It comes as no surprise that Trudeau has called for an election to be held on September 20th, which will be a mere 36 day campaign. However, doing so now in the midst of a so called pandemic and with the country being in a supposed fourth wave, is completely irresponsible and shows Trudeau’s “true” lack of respect for the citizens of this country. Continue reading “Calling Election Now Is Completely Irresponsible”