Vaccination Does Not Drive Herd Immunity

It’s rather funny, well not really “funny” funny but I wrote about this a month ago to the day that the unvaccinated or as we are to referred to now as “anti-vaxxers”, will eventually become second class citizens. Yes us “anti-vaxxers” will be the biblical scapegoats for governments not reaching their vaccination targets and we will be blamed for the population not reaching herd immunity. Herd immunity is only achieved when the computer model says it has been achieved right? Right. Continue reading “Vaccination Does Not Drive Herd Immunity”

Your Digital Vaccine Passport Is Coming Soon

Well they have been talking about it for a while in many countries and now the Province of Quebec will be launching their vaccine passport in the Fall. If that minority of Quebecers do not get fully vaccinated by September, well, they’re going to be banned from certain activities. Continue reading “Your Digital Vaccine Passport Is Coming Soon”

Canada Day: A Country Of Historic Failures

It’s really disgusting to see groups of protestors marching up to parliament hill in a “Cancel Canada Day” rally or is it more like “Cancel Canadian Culture Day”. Also, did the protestors forget that we are still living under this hoax and have gathering restrictions of not more that 25 people. Were there any masks or social distancing practices going on in that crowd? Hey, the Canadian orwellian government and it’s controlled media didn’t seem to notice or raise a fuss about it. Nothing to see here. Oh that’s right, the rules only apply to the rest of us horrible Canadians. Continue reading “Canada Day: A Country Of Historic Failures”