We Need To Keep Speaking Out

As the pandemic narrative continues to fall apart, governments are getting more and more aggressive in their rhetoric. Case in point is Austria where they have set a deadline for mandatory vaccinations for February 1st, 2022. Canada is also upping the anti and considering the same totalitarian measures. Continue reading “We Need To Keep Speaking Out”

The Booster Shots Will Maim and Kill More People

The booster shots are just a continuation of what has occurred over the past several months to a great many people from around the world who have been maimed and/or killed by this poison. This is not a vaccine and it does not cure anything. Anyone who has gotten this far without being injured should count themselves lucky. For now. Continue reading “The Booster Shots Will Maim and Kill More People”

The Two Shots Were Not Enough

The pandemic scam seems to be getting more and more convoluted with each passing day. One moment a person is fully vaccinated and then the next, their vaccine status is null and void because they didn’t take the booster shot. And all of those special privileges that had been granted by big brother via the vaccine passport, well they are all null and void as well. Continue reading “The Two Shots Were Not Enough”

The Flu Never Went Away

I can remember reading headlines last spring about how the flu had virtually disappeared as though it never came around at all. Well it looks like it’s coming around again after it took a break after over a hundred years of raging across the globe every fall and winter. I guess everyone was too masked up and locked in their homes for it to be of any threat, you know, not like covid which seems to defy all laws of nature. Continue reading “The Flu Never Went Away”