Vaccine Of Consent Or Coercion

So which is it, vaccine consent or coercion? If people didn’t read the COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sheet before they took the injection, then it could be argued that they consented to any injuries that they may suffer due to the injection, based on that list. However, if they only consented because they were coerced into doing so under threat of heavy handed mandates, such as being able to work, then that is a completely different story. Continue reading “Vaccine Of Consent Or Coercion”

We Do Not Live In Free Democratic Countries

The country in which we live is not run by our democratically elected governments but by international non-governmental organizations ( NGO’s ) such as the World Economic Forum and intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations and its World Health Organization. This has been made abundantly clear during this pandemic hoax as all countries have been peddling the same narrative. Continue reading “We Do Not Live In Free Democratic Countries”

The Die Is Cast: There Is No Turning Back

After a while it starts to become a vain attempt to continue to report on the whole CV19 narrative and the poisonous “vaccine” rollout. Not for the mere fact that a good 80% to 90% of the population continue to believe the narrative and have dutifully taken the injection but anything contrary to the narrative that many have been warning about, has completely fallen on deaf ears. Continue reading “The Die Is Cast: There Is No Turning Back”