The Supply Chains Are Breaking Down

We are starting to hear about supply chains breaking down all around the world as a result of this continuing pandemic hoax. They are giving us a heads up of what is to come with headlines like this: The workers who keep global supply chains moving are warning of a ‘system collapse'”. I guess it’s just another part of the globalists plan to screw us even more. Continue reading “The Supply Chains Are Breaking Down”

Vaccine Of Consent Or Coercion

So which is it, vaccine consent or coercion? If people didn’t read the COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sheet before they took the injection, then it could be argued that they consented to any injuries that they may suffer due to the injection, based on that list. However, if they only consented because they were coerced into doing so under threat of heavy handed mandates, such as being able to work, then that is a completely different story. Continue reading “Vaccine Of Consent Or Coercion”

Vaccine Passports Create Second Class Citizens

As I had mentioned in a post a few months ago, these vaccine passports being rolled out in several Canadian provinces have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with forcing people to get vaccinated. For those who still operate at a level of common sense and who will continue not to get these permanent life altering injections, well they now become second class citizens. I guess that whole human rights thing just got thrown out the window. Continue reading “Vaccine Passports Create Second Class Citizens”