For The Unvaccinated It’s No Laughing Matter

You know it really makes me sad seeing my family and friends getting the injections. Each one I talk to tells me the same story as in “we have no choice if we want things to go back to normal and be able to do anything”. For anyone at this point who has not been and refuses to be injected, it is slowly becoming a lonely world. Continue reading “For The Unvaccinated It’s No Laughing Matter”

Welcome To The New Normal: A Two Class Society

Just as predicted, we will enter a two class society beginning July 5, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. EDT in Canada. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated. The GoC will be lifting the quarantine travel requirements on that day for all incoming travelers who have received the two required injections. Continue reading “Welcome To The New Normal: A Two Class Society”

The Delta Variant Scare Tactic

The new COVID19 variant that the WHO has dubbed the Delta variant, also known as the B.1.617.2 strain, is currently ravaging the UK with 91% of all news cases being attributed to it. Originally from India where it has caused a wave of infections, it is now starting to cause major problems in other countries including the US and Canada. Continue reading “The Delta Variant Scare Tactic”

The 1976 Swine Flu Scam Gone Wrong

Did you know that there was an urgent vaccine program that went terribly, terribly wrong in 1976 to combat a seemingly deadly swine flu outbreak ? Oh yes it was poised to kill millions on a scale not seen since the Spanish flu pandemic. Continue reading “The 1976 Swine Flu Scam Gone Wrong”