A Pandemic Of The Vaccinated

Day after day I hear of people experiencing severe adverse reactions to these vaccines. It is not newsworthy though for the big main stream media channels because it would wipe out the government narrative. So they will continue to deliver their lies about the vaccines being perfectly safe and effective despite the growing evidence that this poison is causing permanent physical damage and death. This so called pandemic that we have all been living in for 18 months now, is becoming a pandemic of the vaccinated. Continue reading “A Pandemic Of The Vaccinated”

The FDA Approval Is Not The Pfizer EUA Vaccine

It’s a good thing I follow the alternative media more than the main stream media because what shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, the main stream is being misleading again. Case in point is the FDA approval on Monday of the Pfizer vaccine but this is not the Pfizer-BionTech vaccine currently under Emergency Authorization Use only. Continue reading “The FDA Approval Is Not The Pfizer EUA Vaccine”

FDA Pfizer Approval Spells More Bad News

We all knew it was inevitable that the FDA would eventually fully approve one of the experimental mRNA vaccines, blowing way past the normal testing cycle required for most vaccines of 5 to 7 years. It was so comforting to hear Joe Biden’s tongue in cheek reply to the vaccine hesitant about waiting until a vaccine was approved,  “the moment you’ve been waiting for is here”. “Please get vaccinated today.” Aah ya, still don’t do that. Continue reading “FDA Pfizer Approval Spells More Bad News”