COVID Case Numbers Skyrocket Despite Vaccinations

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t I hear all summer that if people got the two shots of the so called vaccines then things would go back to normal. So why then are COVID19 cases exploding across the northern hemisphere? Didn’t the mRNA vaccines work?

So what happened? 83% of Canadians are fully or partially vaccinated and yet Omicron cases are soaring across Canada and many other European countries.

Then there are the fully vaccinated people scrambling to get a hold of a rapid antigen test so they can see if they have COVID19? I thought that they trusted the science and believed that the shots worked? Well that doesn’t seem to be the case with hospitals filling up with the COVID patients who have had the two injections and in some cases the booster too.

It really does boggle the mind.

I guess you could say that there is a lot of cognitive dissonance going on amongst the masses. It doesn’t matter if you cite every expert who is being censored right now or provide link after link of information that proves that the entire pandemic is a hoax, people still wouldn’t listen. In some very bizarre way, people continue to believe in the pandemic narrative despite the fact that COVID cases are rising again even with the majority of people vaccinated.

Have people lost all connection to reality? I believe that what has happened and what is happening is something called groupthink or what George Orwell called doublethink in his novel 1984.

Groupthink is a phenomenon that occurs when a group of well-intentioned people makes irrational or non-optimal decisions spurred by the urge to conform or the belief that dissent is impossible. The problematic or premature consensus that is characteristic of groupthink may be fueled by a particular agenda—or it may be due to group members valuing harmony and coherence above critical thought.

It really is a scary to think that this is possibly what has happened. There is no other logical explanation. It’s like nothing has changed from March 2020 until now, December 2021. People are still running around in fear of some deadly virus even despite being told that Omicron is mild and more akin to the common cold. That is also the case with COVID19 in general, it isn’t as deadly as we have been led to believe.

Heading into 2022 in the next few days, you really have to ask yourself when does it end or does it ever end? There is no hope of reaching the 30% of people who are caught in the lie and the other 40% are still not sure if the pandemic is real or not are almost a lost cause. Those in the 40% are most upset that they bought into the vaccine miracle cure that is not curing anything all. They will, however, still giving the government a free pass on the entire hoax.

Only when the house of cards completely fall will people see the truth but it may even take more than that to break the spell they are under. Sadly, those caught so firmly by the lie will always believe that the great hoax of 2020 really was “real”.







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