Data Proving That The Vaccines Are Either Injuring Or Killing People

The following information I am going to go through below will show you where to get the data of the COVID19 injuries and deaths that are occurring in the US right now as the vaccines are being rolled out. I have documented these steps so that you can look into it for yourself and so that you can show someone else this vitally important information. I think it is imperative that people be at least given the facts before they voluntarily get the vaccine. It could literally be a matter of life or death and at the very least a mild or severe adverse reaction.

The statistics are being reported on a web site called which provide a summary of all of the injuries and deaths that have been caused by the Moderna and Pfizer-BionTech vaccines to date, since the rollout began in the US a mere two months ago.

So first thing first, pulls all of the data from a CDC site called CDC WONDER. This is important to point out because the skeptic in me at times likes to double check web sites to ensure that they are legit and OpenVAERS is. The CDC freely provides this data and it can be downloaded in a CSV file format where you can load it into a spreadsheet or database. Now this web site has gone a little further and has made the data more presentable.

To get started with looking at the data, click the COVID DATA link on the top menu of the OpenVAERS front page and you will see a similar page. Now all of these numbers are only related to the COVID vaccines. You can scroll down through the data below and read about the recoveries and deaths related to the COVID vaccines.


Selecting the Search COVID reports link will allow you to filter the data:

The following side menu is presented and in this case I have filtered on Deceased = Y and an Age Range of between 20 and 60. Select the Search link below and you get a set of data returned based on these criteria.


Now the next step is optional if you wish to see the actual CDC VAERS data. Simple jot down the VAERS ID and flip over to the CDC web site CDC WONDER.

At the bottom of the list is the link Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting. Select this link and you will be brought to the search page where you can look up the information.


In the middle of the page will be the VAERS Report Details* button. Before you can select it, you have to Agree to the disclaimer using the I Agree button at the bottom of the disclaimer:


From here you’ll get the following page where you can enter the VAERS ID that you jotted down. You will get a warning if you do not precede the ID with a leading zero. So I am going to enter VAERS ID 920815 like this 0920815 and then select the Event Details button just above and to the right of the entry box. Afterwards the data below will be returned.




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