Down The Rabbit Hole You Go

Down The Rabbit Hole You Go

Oh how so many rabbit holes there are with each one leading to more confusion. A bit of truth in each one may be but with so many to go down, how is one to know the real truth from the myth. Is it just one big psy-op? Can anyone really see the big picture? Just when you thought you have seen the forest, you are yet again looking through the trees.

Will we ever know the big plan, see the entire big picture? For anyone who has been on this journey for a while, they will recognize certain pieces of the puzzle and how they may fit together but they will never find all of the pieces to put it all together. Why? Because the puzzle keeps changing.

You see, they don’t think like you and I do. Time is on their side. They have continuation and succession over decades, centuries and most likely millennia. Their playbook changes all of the time but the goal has always and will always remain the same. Complete power and control.

One would argue that they have or have had complete control in the past and they would be correct. However, mankind has always found a way to circumvent the “take down” by the skin of their teeth and evolve into a new civilization once again. Those who wish to control and dominate humanity, have lost many times and on many levels but their goal has always and still remains the same. They are not easily defeated and taken out of the play entirely. You know the saying, evil never wins, while somewhat true, its not always the case.

But who is to blame really? Many prominent characters over history come to mind but not one person entirely sticks out. Whose really to blame is ourselves! More succinctly, human nature.

The fault of human nature is to always look for the good in everything but unfortunately sometimes there is evil hidden within the good that we can’t or simply refuse to see. This fault in the human genome leaves us vulnerable. Some can see and resist it, where others are so fearful of it that they refuse to see it or simply go along with it for the same reason. Fear is our worst enemy and they know it.


When taken as an acronym, the word FEAR can mean:

  • False Evidence Appearing Real (OR)
  • Face Everything and Rise

Overall, mankind doesn’t do so well with the second definition “Face Everything and Rise”, especially in today’s 21st century and modern psychology has probably had a hand in defining the first, “False Evidence Appearing Real”. You know, all those things from ghosts and UFO’s to the crazy conspiracy theories like 911 and COVID19!

Now back to the rabbit hole.

As mentioned, there are many rabbit holes that one can go down but the main ones that have been traveled the most are:

  • COVID19
  • 911
  • JFK
  • Moon Landings
  • MK Ultra
  • Illuminati
  • Israel
  • Hitler
  • Central Banks
  • Bilderberg Group
  • United Nations
  • Sumerian Tablets/Annunaki

And the list goes on…

What do they all have in common.

  1. all the crack pots talk about them all of the time and
  2. they are all diversions from the big picture

You see, each one of them can lead you in so many different directions when down in the rabbit hole, that you could be left confused and questioning your sanity. Asking yourself if what you really thought was the right way to go, wasn’t at all. Not to mention all of the “gate keepers” down in the hole who are only there to “throw you off” of your quest for the truth. Just when you thought they were on the same team, they turn out not to be at all.

So a friendly piece of advice to all of you new comers to the table, don’t get too caught up in the game because while you think you are discovering truths, those that rule from behind the curtain, will never show you their full hand.





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