The Booster Shots Will Maim and Kill More People

The booster shots are just a continuation of what has occurred over the past several months to a great many people from around the world who have been maimed and/or killed by this poison. This is not a vaccine and it does not cure anything. Anyone who has gotten this far without being injured should count themselves lucky. For now.

It is becoming more and more evident that a great number of the injections that have been given over the past several months have largely been placebos. That is not to say that there were not millions of injections that maimed or killed because there were and they still are everyday.

There is evidence that injections which were not placebo, were given at different doses from 10, 20 and 30 micro grams for the Pfizer-BionTech. Also, there were specific batches of the vaccines which were released by J&J, Moderna and Pfizer which seemed to have done the most damage.

Another analyst has come to the conclusion from studying the VAERS data that it seems that 1 in every 200 shots administered has caused a severe adverse reaction or death. Yes folks, that’s how high the numbers are, close to a million VAERS reports in the US alone, one year into the greatest human experiment ever conducted.

These deductions are coming from many analysts who are studying the US VAERS data. One in particular you should check out on Odysee is a channel called Welcometheeagle88.

But no one who has taken these poison shots is out of the woods yet because the placebo theory is just that, a theory. We have no idea if people have had their immune systems damaged from these shots even if they have had no symptoms within the first month after their second dose. Is their immune system slowly degrading month after month and they don’t really feel the effects? Are they starting to feel a little more sluggish as we enter the flu and cold season? Immune system degradation is another theory being put forward. Some have said it could be as much as up to 5% per month.

At the end of the day we will likely never know exactly what is going on. The rise in deaths that will occur this winter will simply be blamed on Omicron or the next fake variant to come along. The masses will continue to believe in the lie because their chief medical health officers and government leaders will have said so, despite the fact that there are many whistle blowers in the health care system right now who are telling us that the hospitals are full of the vaccinated. You won’t hear them on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter because their voices have been silenced.

Yes the zombies who won’t listen to any of this and call it all pure nonsense, are the same ones who are lining up to get their booster shot with many more to come. For the rest of the population out there who have their two doses, they still have the choice of not taking the booster shot which could do more damage to their body. It will mean that their vaccine privileges are revoked but living to see another day is probably worth the risk. The vaccine passports only exist because people have been conned into them.

The more of this poison people put into their body, the higher the probability that the next shot could be the one to cause the permanent damage or death. This is playing Russian roulette. Plain and simple.

How long these evil psychopaths continue to play this deadly game on humanity boils down to each and every one of us. We are letting this happen. We are letting ourselves be dictated to by the WHO, the FDA, the CDC, the World Economic Forum and our corrupt government leaders continue taking their orders from them.

We have the power to stop it. Today. Right now. All we have to do is stop complying and just say NO!

People, do yourself a big favor and don’t take that booster shot. You know that gut feeling you get when something isn’t quite right. Ya go with that. But if you don’t want to trust your own gut, don’t say we didn’t try to warn you.

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