The Bottom Of The Hierarchy

If any of you have taken any introduction courses in Psychology or have read up on some of its basic concepts and theories, you would have likely come across Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The goal of Maslow’s theory is for the individual to reach their highest potential as a human being. However, given this current environment we all find ourselves in, for over a year now, it would be safe to say that we are quickly making our way back down the hierarchy to barely satisfying our basic needs.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, as depicted below, is a theory proposed by Abraham Maslow in 1954. His theory argues that an individual can only reach their highest potential, which he defines as self-actualization, once each of the subsequent levels in the hierarchy have been satisfied.

Each of the levels of the hierarchy are grouped into the following categories:

  • Basic Needs – Physiological and Safety
  • Psychological Needs – Love/Belonging and Esteem
  • Self Fulfillment Needs – Self-actualization


While I understand that it is just a theory and that there are cross overs between each of the levels, I believe that it is a good reference to help us understand where are are at this point in time. If we follow his theory and read the criteria for each level, it is not hard to see that this pandemic hoax has caused quite a lot of us to have taken a header off of the top level.

How many of us are really “self actualizing” right now or are we struggling to even satisfy our basic Safety needs? Especially Security of Body!

For example, how many people have been forced out of their jobs for not taking the vax? How many people who have taken the vax are experiencing health problems? How many small businesses have lost everything including their property? Each of these examples fall squarely into the 2nd bottom level of the hierarchy.

Lets take a look at the Love & Belonging level of the hierarchy.

How many families have been destroyed by this hoax? The most precious moments we share as families have been cancelled in our “new normal” cancel culture. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday and Anniversary celebrations, Weddings and even Funerals are subjected to the rules and regulations handed down by the state.

Now that the vaccine poison has been thoroughly distributed across the land, we can kiss goodbye the Esteem level of the hierarchy.

It’s now the vaccinated verses the unvaccinated isn’t it. Respect by and for others is out the window completely. Ironically it’s the vaxx’ed who have mostly been affected at this level. A lot of the vaxxed have absolutely no respect for the unvaxxed or simply do not understand why they have not taken the injection. That really bodes well for someone’s self esteem and confidence doesn’t it. So much so that a lot of people have caved into getting vaxxed because of this weird and unusually abnormal peer pressure going on right now. Also in some very sick and twisted way, the vaxxed seem to believe they have actually “achieved” something by getting vaxxed.

So where does all of this actually leave us, whether you are vaxxed or not? The whole vaccine thing is irrelevant because we are all in the same boat at the end of the day, holes and all.

Just because you’re vaxxed doesn’t mean inflation won’t affect you. Just because you’re vaxxed doesn’t mean you also won’t fall into the same depression that is soon to come and which will likely be worse than the 1930’s. Just because you’re vaxxed doesn’t mean that you will continue to get a free pass unless you take booster one, two, three and forever. Being a good and loyal servant to the state does have its drawbacks.

You see the powers that be really don’t care. They have already destroyed levels three, four and five of Maslow’s hierarchy or at least have put such a significant dent into them that we are all clinging to our basic needs right now. It really won’t be that long until we are debased back to caveman status where we are just trying to secure our basic physiological needs in some screwed up dystopian nightmare.

This is why people like myself were screaming from the rooftops about this being a scam. We knew where this was all headed to and now we have arrived to destination unknown. Vaccine passport no longer required.

We are all together the rubber that has hit the road. How does it feel? Did it wake you up yet?

There is no fixing this until the powers that be stumble and fall upon their heap of lies and deceit that they have been spewing from their masters mouths for what has seemed like an eternity. But I take great pleasure in knowing that they will all suffer eternal damnation for the wickedness they have subjected upon us especially the innocent children who are now being inflicted with this deadly poison.

So no, there is no going back up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs until we solve this problem. Until we cut this cancer out which has infected society. Civilizations rise and fall and we just happen to find ourselves at the end of one. There is nothing new to this tale. All there is to know is the lesson. The lesson which we never seem to learn.









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