The Power Rests With The People

If there is one thing for certain with this entire hoax that has been played by the globalists upon the entire world it is this: The power has always rested with the people to either accept it or say no to all of it. That little word NO is much more powerful than people think and if enough people in the community started saying NO to the vaccines, masks and vaccine passports, the entire scam would be over.

The biggest problem we face right now is not so much the so called “pandemic” but rather how complacent we have become as a society. We have put too much faith in our political leaders believing that they are looking out for our best interests. We get all pumped up on election day thinking that we will really enact change this time by putting in a new party to lead the country but as we all know by now, it never turns out that way at all.

It’s like putting on a new coat of paint to cover the mold that keeps coming through the walls.

While complacency is at the heart of the problem, we have also allowed ourselves to be put into a magical spell by the media and the entertainment industry. Hollywood can even bring us to the point that we even believe that what we are seeing is real. Case in point, the movie Shindler’s List is based on a fictional novel written by Thomas Keneally but we believe it to be true because of the way it is falsely portrayed.

We have been put into this trance because of the psyop that has been used to take our freedoms, rights and our power away from us. We have become so dumbed down that we truly believe that a handful of oligarchs can dictate and control all of humanity and sadly enough they are.

This is not a new phenomenon to the 21st century and it has been going on for quite some time. With each passing decade, the globalists psyop methods become even more powerful as more advances are made in technology. They have us at the point where they have convinced the people that there is this terrible plague and that to combat it we must all be vaccinated and carry a digital vaccine passport. The vaccine passport is nothing more than a way for them to gain more control over our lives. It starts out as a vaccine passport and then morphs into a digital currency and social credit score system with the 5G surveillance network as it’s backbone.

Unfortunately, the trance continues to lead us into a worsening nightmare and we are letting it happen because we have forgotten just how powerful we are, not just in numbers but in spirit as well. As much as the globalists are to blame for bringing humanity to this point, we still have the power to stop it dead in its tracks even if that means starting over.

You see, the globalists agenda is to gain complete control over everyone and everything. They have even gone so far as to call it the Great Reset. What we need to realize, however, is that we hold all of the power and we can easily reset them and if we so desire, just do away with them altogether.

Until the masses wake up and realize that we are in control of our own destiny, the 20% of us who have broken out of the trance will have to shoulder the burden and get us off of this road leading to eternal damnation. Our numbers will grow as more and more people catch on to what is happening when it starts to impact them and their loved ones directly.

The globalists may seem to have all of the momentum right now but what they and their inflated egos fail to realize is, they are skating on thin ice.


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