The Supply Chains Are Breaking Down

We are starting to hear about supply chains breaking down all around the world as a result of this continuing pandemic hoax. They are giving us a heads up of what is to come with headlines like this: The workers who keep global supply chains moving are warning of a ‘system collapse'”. I guess it’s just another part of the globalists plan to screw us even more.

These elitists continue to play their evil game and know that most of the population is running around worried sick about catching COVID and making sure they get their vax, than they are worried about anything else. They just keeping dropping these ticking time bombs everywhere on the unsuspecting masses. The break in the supply chain is just one of many more to come, unless of course this evil narrative starts to fall apart on them.

So here’s the jist of what is going on. Sea shipping, air transport and trucking is and has come to a halt. As the article states:

Seafarers, truck drivers and airline workers have endured quarantines, travel restrictions and complex COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements to keep stretched supply chains moving during the pandemic.

But many are now reaching their breaking point, posing yet another threat to the badly tangled network of ports, container vessels and trucking companies that moves goods around the world.

Like I said a while ago as the pandemic hoax was dragging on, you can’t shut everything down and expect things to bounce back to normal over night. I was mainly referring to the economy but this takes it a whole step further when these workers start saying things like this. They are literally our life line.

Then we learn in the same article how Germany and Italy had been playing games with restricting truck drivers from entering their countries without having a PCR test first.

Coronavirus testing is also a challenge. In February, Germany unilaterally introduced mandatory PCR testing with no exemption for truck drivers, leading neighboring countries including Italy to impose similar restrictions to avoid having thousands of drivers stranded in their own territory.

These measures affected thousands of truck drivers, particularly on the Brenner Pass between Italy and Austria, forcing them to queue for days in sub-zero temperatures with no food or medical facilities.

We also have a similar story in England right now where they are running out of gas at the pumps because they don’t have enough truck drivers to move the fuel to the gas stations. They are having to bring in the army to do it. UK gas stations run dry as trucker shortage sparks hoarding.

Is this a shade of things to come? That fear instinct that most humans having living on, has really been stretched to the limit over the past year 18 months. We have been bombarded day and night with the COVID hoax, with the deadly vaccine being the only way out of the nightmare. How is it all going to play out if there is a shortage of food on the shelves or gas in the pumps?

I remember in the Spring of 2020 when this whole scam started, people were hoarding items and the shelves were not as stocked up as usual but there wasn’t a problem then and yet people still freaked out. I can only imagine what a week without a jammed packed fridge will do. I sure as heck don’t want to be fighting over the last item in isle three.

So yes this is the heads up. If you haven’t done so already, you may want to really start thinking about stocking up on non perishable items such as dry food, canned goods and water. Fill up a large gas container now just to be on the safe side so if you run out of gas you’re not stuck. We have already been experiencing higher than normal prices on everything this past year and they are only likely to go higher.

We are in for very scary times in the next few months. People have allowed themselves to be convinced that COVID is some kind of deadly virus but the truth of the matter is, this hoax was only the means to the ends. What kind of situation are really going to be in when more and more of the vaccinated start experiencing severe health problems. This won’t just be the supply chain workers who will be impacted but people in all walks of life. Everyone from your health care worker to the company that picks up your garbage every week.

This is only going to get more ugly.



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