The Two Shots Were Not Enough

The pandemic scam seems to be getting more and more convoluted with each passing day. One moment a person is fully vaccinated and then the next, their vaccine status is null and void because they didn’t take the booster shot. And all of those special privileges that had been granted by big brother via the vaccine passport, well they are all null and void as well.

Considering that all of this was completely unthinkable just a mere 21 months ago, we sure have come a long way in our new dystopian reality. Anyone who is “vaccine-free” has been bearing the brunt of it with having their fundamental rights and freedoms squashed on the alter of big pharma but it seems those who have obediently taken the two injections are finding themselves in the same boat.

Celebrating family traditions is now based on vaccine status and this Christmas will certainly be a case in point. With so many people having let the hoax completely take over their lives, I’m sure many families will only be inviting the “vaccinated” members of the family to the Christmas dinner. How long before it’s only the family members who are up to date on their covid booster shots are invited to the family functions?

Here is the kicker in all of this. The vaccines do not protect you from getting or transmitting covid! It also gets worse with the so called Omicron variant. Protection from two doses of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine slumped to 33 per cent, compared to 80 per cent previously.

So what did the vaccines do exactly? How many more so called variants are going to come along to make the previous vaccine doses that people took no longer effective? At what point do people draw the line in the sand? Or will they live in perpetual fear of the common cold and flu for the rest of their existence and have themselves injected with this MRNA poison every three months?

Notice I said “for the rest of their existence” because the more of this poison people take, the less time they will have on this planet.

It’s amazing how none of this gets through with most people and how they don’t clue into not only the fact that covid19 has been biggest scam in the history of humanity but that it has all been driven by big pharma to sell vaccines and backed by governments to take more and more control over our everyday lives.

Agenda 21 is the real key to all of this.

Now that people can lose their vaccine status as soon as a new variant comes along, I hope that it is going to start waking people up (for a lack of better words). For those of us who have been suffering the humiliation for standing our ground and not consenting to these deadly injections, now is not the time for us to start saying to the vaccinated (who are now unvaccinated) “see, I told you so”.

No, we need all of the numbers we can get on our side if we are going to put an end to this tyranny and to bring to justice everyone who has been complicit in these crimes against humanity. That list will indeed be long and there will be no room for the excuse that they were just following orders and doing their job. That excuse didn’t fly during the Nuremberg Trials and they certainly won’t fly in the soon to be Nuremberg 2 Trials.

Just as sure as night turns to day, their time is coming.

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