We Need To Keep Speaking Out

As the pandemic narrative continues to fall apart, governments are getting more and more aggressive in their rhetoric. Case in point is Austria where they have set a deadline for mandatory vaccinations for February 1st, 2022. Canada is also upping the anti and considering the same totalitarian measures.

There is definitely more and more propaganda been thrown at the the vaccine free and whipping up of class divisions between un-vaxxed and the vaxxed. Trudeau said the following in a statement last week:

At this point in the pandemic, with widespread new restrictions and postponed surgeries for tens of thousands, Canadians are “angry” with those in this country who still have not rolled up their sleeves to get vaccinated against COVID-19, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday.


First of all, those of us who won’t take injections are simply stating the fact that it is our body and therefore our choice what we put into it. Secondly, blaming the vaccine free for the crippled health care system is a lie and is irresponsible of this jackass PM to say. Why doesn’t he tell the people the truth that it is the VAXXED who are crippling the health care system right now. Oh that’s right, he’s one of tyrannical psychopaths committed to implementing the depopulation program of Agenda 2021, under the guise of sustainability.

For the past two years they have lied and lied and lied but I think the double vaxxed are starting to see the real picture. They complied, they took the two shots and now they are locked down again. So here’s a message to you PM fancy socks, Canadians are angry at YOU!

I heard a funny the video the other day where the girl was saying that if this were truly a deadly pandemic, we wouldn’t have to be reminded 24/7 by the MSM. What part of “this is a hoax” don’t people understand.

You know that they are really getting desperate in keeping the scam going when they start coming out and saying that the Provinces should consider making vaccination mandatory. Yes this actually came out of the mouth of the newly minted harebrained minister of health Jean-Yves Duclos:

“What we see now is that our health care system in Canada is fragile, our people are tired. And, the only way that we know to get through COVID-19, this variant and any future variant, is through vaccination,” Jean-Yves Duclos told reporters during a federal COVID-19 briefing on Friday.


This is simply another scare tactic from the arsenal being used to try to convince the rest of the vaccine free to get vaxxed. I think the fully vaccinated numbers are over exaggerated.

According to the latest federal figures, more than 87 per cent of Canadians ages 12 and older are fully vaccinated. However, millions of Canadians have chosen to not receive a single COVID-19 dose.


So again, more lies. The true number is 78% fully vaccinated which leaves 22% or just under 10 million of the 38 million Canadians not fully vaccinated according to Our World In Data. But again, can we even trust these numbers.

Many people are completely fed up with the entire scam and they should be. What they don’t realize is that If they just stopped giving into these psychopaths who only want to maim and kill them with these deadly vaccines, it would all come to a screeching halt.

Going after the children is where the line should have been drawn in all of this because now we have a true recipe for genocide. Trust me, children are dying all over the world from these experimental injections.

So at the end of the day, we need to keep blasting the message out because there are definitely cracks starting to form in the ice and it’s only a matter of time before the whole house of cards collapses to the ground. It will be a blessed day when all of these tyrants get rounded up for their crimes against humanity.



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